Yolo? No, Dedication!

You only live once. I don’t like using the phrase “yolo” unless I’m kidding around, but now that I realize the road I chose will consume the next 15 years of my life, I’m really seeing the value of seizing every opportunity. Every day has it’s opportunities, and every day we lose most of them.

I am going to be a doctor. If God is willing, I will make it. The road to being a doctor is hard. My parents warned me; my family warned me, but I thought they were only trying to scare me into dedicating myself. Then my friend told me how hard it will be. To my surprise, I’m surprised. Everything I was told wasn’t an exaggeration. This is my life, and I can no longer be fooling around. Nights that I would spend with friends smoking cigars, playing Catan, watching movies, eating fast food, hanging out, and playing ninja will now be filled with studying.

I am not exaggerating. If you want a career with a PHD, then your life has to be about that PhD (second to God), or else you won’t make it. Why do you think the average person isn’t working their dream job? If you want it, you might have to take it from the person with the same dream. Only a few can be recognized.

Think about this. There is someone out there who isn’t going to sleep tonight, because they are memorizing everything they are going to need to know for the rest of their lives. They are putting more heart into what they’re doing than anyone else they know. They do it because they Love it. They couldn’t see themselves doing anything else. Does that sound like you? If not, why not?

I asked myself about a year and a half ago, “Who am I? What am I doing?”
After many tears and struggles, I am finally able to answer those questions.
I am Loved by God. I am on a road paved by Him. He fulfills the desires of my heart.
And now I quote to myself, in a serious and conscious tone, “Yolo…”
Doctors don’t say yolo; forget yolo! I’m getting dedicated!

Lets Talk Money

“You can’t do anything without money.” Is that true or are we ignorant? Money isn’t as important as we make it to be. It’s actually quite simple; the more you spend, the more you need. So how do we not spend? We spend less by needing it less. How would we need it less, or how could we convince ourselves that isn’t too important? I say we do so by treating it like it isn’t needed, and it isn’t important. An example might be lending a friend a couple bucks. It should be treated like water; we let a friend have a glass of water when they are thirsty, and they give you a glass of water when you are thirsty. Other ways to convince ourselves that money isn’t important is by not being so dependent on it. People think that money is the only way to have fun, when there are many things that are far more enjoyable than shopping, buying a piece of tech(TV, iPhone), going to concerts, going on road trips, going out to a movie or a restaurant. I will give a couple examples in replacement of spending: Please add.

Unneeded shopping: mainly for girls (shop frugally)
Bracelets: make your own ideas with friends
Bags: ” ” ” with old jeans or anything that’s lying around.
Clothing: look up creative ways to recycle your own clothes.
Shoes: Go cheap. A good friend doesn’t care who it’s made by.

Going out:
Movies: go for a walk through the part with a bunch of friends(play a sport)
Restaurant: get together and make a couple of choice dishes from scratch. It’s 
Always more fun to cook for friends.

Video games: it can be a huge waste of time. What us guys could do instead:
Play: football, pass, soccer, volleyball, Frisbee
Get out and: walk around town, skate around town, ride bikes around town, go to the park, watch a HS and local(free) sporting events, etc.

Watching TV: It’s okay for a little while, but you don’t want to turn into a French fry ;P
Read a book about a movie that you loved; it’s far easier to read than a random book
Play a board game with some friends; it’s a lot more fun than you think.
Same list as video games^^

Partying: This is for people who are tired of immaturity and want to move on.
It’s hard to get out of the party scene but once you’re out you’ll wonder you stayed as long as you did
Booz: It gives you a beer gut, hangover, fatty liver, and it’s a bad habit. Stop, and you’ll lose it and save money.
Weed: It’s super expensive. Stop and you’ll save TONS! of money and you’ll have a clear mind ALL THE TIME! 
Friends: some will convince you to spend money on booze, sheesh, shrooms, E’, and so on. How to get out? Demand time away from them. Find friends who support you through good changes, or just take time to clear your mind and find yourself.

Dating: I’ve never dated so I’m no expert, but I have Ideas.
GF: Be the bigger person and don’t let you bf spend loads on you too often. Do activities together like cooking, walking, talking, and etc. girls, get him outside and do an activity he really likes: skate, soccer, football(pass), and baseball. You’ll absolutely be his best friend if you do his favorite activities with him.

BF: Don’t play games all the time(That electricity bill isn’t lessened by your playing of games) and be with your lady. Do the same stuff that you do with most of your friends because she should be your best friend.

Gas: Ride a bike, skate, walk; it’s easy and fun.

Tech: You don’t need that phone, if it can make calls, and it sends/recieves texts, it’s good enough.
TV: You don’t need it. You’ll end up not using it as much if you do the activities above, and your mind won’t be as polluted.

Music: Find free remakes of songs you like, they’re just as good and sometimes even better. Find new music. etc.

Add to this list if you can. I would love to find out other ways to save money, live better and still have loads of fun.

And also, there is one savior, Jesus. If you don’t know him, learn about him and get cleaned up. He’ll help you out.